A gourmet blend of our own locally grown peppers and tomatoes - smoked, roasted, then fried and ground peppers, including chocolate habanero, ghost chili, carolina reaper, ancho, guajillo and 7 pot.  FLAVOR is the key here! Yes, there is some heat but not before you taste the rich flavors that will accompany ANY dish, but was made with Mexican and Spanish cuisine in mind. (We've made chili out of it and it was AMAZING!!)

Using traditional methods, we managed to infuse our fresh locally grown peppers into one of the tastiest sauce bases we've ever had! 

Add to meat or vegetables, and heat - enjoy with just chips as salsa or add it to your own sauces to add that "all day" smoked flavoring that is just out of this world! Too thick? Add some stock! 

We use a combination of sugars, spices and traditonal roasting, frying and grinding techniques to extract all of the sweetness of the firey peppers we've added and that allows us to keep FLAVOR at the front of this profile.

Angry Abuelita Traditional Spicy Mole Sauce

SKU: AA0000100
  • Refrigerate after opening, good for one year sealed, use within 3-5 days after opening, shake well before opening. Limited small batch runs. Produced and Sold at Sullivine Bed and Breakfast in Hartford City, Indiana in a licensed retail kitchen.