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Meet the Innkeepers at Sullivine B&B

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Sullivine Bed & Breakfast is family-owned and operated by Michael and Chandra Sullivan, originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and their three children - Dalton, Thomas, and Elanor. Read more about each of your Sullivine B&B hosts below.


Michael Sullivan is a man of many talents and passions. He is an award-winning virtual reality software developer and game creator, musician, and more.

Michael has also lived in and operated successful businesses on the west coast.

Some of Michael's other interests are in craft beer brewing, gardening, quadcopter flying, cooking, retro arcade games, and entertaining family and friends.


Besides being an innkeeper, Chandra Sullivan also works from home in the marketing field and is an aspiring writer.

Chandra loves to bake fresh, homemade breakfast items and desserts for family and friends, and enjoys hosting parties and other gatherings.

Some of Chandra's other interests include running, yoga, meditation, reading, and playing virtual reality games.


Our young innkeepers are Dalton (17), Thomas (9), and Elanor (5). They go to school at home, and all three are bright, friendly, personable and polite.

Dalton is in high school, works at the local Richards restaurant, and enjoys video games and reading.

Thomas is currently in fourth grade, and enjoys video games, cooking, parkour, and Nerf guns.

Elanor is our kindergartener. She enjoys playing with her toys and dolls, blocks, and arcade games.


Sunny is Sullivine's resident feline. She will turn 12 in the spring of 2022. To account for guests with pet allergies, Sunny lives in the garage and in the great outdoors.


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